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"Tourmasters South Pacific has recently implemented eXplorer V7 across all its inbound travel brands. It has lived up to expectations in handling the wide range of product that we operate, greatly exceeding the capabilities of our previous system. The support provided by the Explorer team has also been fantastic and timely as appropriate to the situation. They are also helpful and willing to adapt and modify the system to meet the evolving needs of our organisation."
Brian Henderson - Chief Executive Office, Tourmasters South Pacific


"As our business developed we had to make a decision on sticking with our current reservations system or looking for something we felt could take us to another level. We decided to make a move and, after a lot of research, signed a contract with Explorer. Since signing that contract we have realised that Explorer is, like us, keen to develop the system to being a world leader. Suggestions given to them are taken as opportunities, not problems, and the development is progressing at a steady pace. We are more than happy with the current reservations system and the future offering is something that is looking exciting and beneficial to our future business growth."
Bernard Whewell - Managing Director, Broome & The Kimberley Holidays


"We have been using Explorer Technologies in our fast developing and growing Inbound Tour operation for three years. Over time, Explorer Technologies have accommodated a number of our specific requests for product enhancements which are particularly beneficial for an Inbound Tour operation. Explorer Technologies provide us with a comprehensive range of flexible tools that are crucial to maintain and successfully advance our business. We are in the process of taking our significant product content and expand our online distribution by using Explorer’s web based technologies. As all of our clients are offshore, the Explorer team designed web-based solutions which allow our customers to connect to our in-house system and make bookings in real time. With our involvement not only in the Australian, but also the New Zealand inbound market, it is a considerably advantage for us that Explorer is capable of handling local as well as foreign currency bookings effortlessly. Explorer is user-friendly and seamlessly manages quotations, bookings, operations, documentation and financial aspects of the system."
Mark Kommer - Managing Director, Australia One - Inbound Tour Operators


"The recent adjustments in worldwide currency exchange rates and the effect on client costs was easily handled by Explorer. Explorer gives us the ability to quote not only in Australian dollars, but also in any other world currency. In the past it would have meant many hours of repricing client costs, but with Explorer it was a simple task of setting the new exchange rate and Explorer gave the option for each file of re-pricing or leaving the price unchanged. This was extremely handy in multi component itineraries where several different currencies may have been involved. The bottom line being that when customers made their final payment, Explorer was able to give the correct updated Australian dollar (or other currency) cost taking into account the exchange rate of the day."
Val Gavriloff - Director, Hideaway Holidays


"The current Explorer system that the Surf Travel Company has in place is ideally suited to our business needs. The functionality, ease of use and ability to customize the various features are unique. As a result of the various functions, and it being a quality back-end booking & reporting system, we can ensure our customers receive the best of service and we can focus on what matters most."
Ben Phillips - General Manager, The Surf Travel Company


"It is only 10 weeks since we switched to eXplorer V7, and we are already extremely pleased with the new system, which does everything we need. Many of the enhancements are ideal for our business. It is extremely user friendly, with both reservations and accounts loving the new features. With further enhancements on the way, eXplorer V7 has certainly exceeded our expectations."
Richard Wolskel - Managing Director, Go New Zealand




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